What to See in Yogyakarta? Go to Its Collection of Temples

You will never run out of things to make up the answer to a question of what to see in yogyakarta. The city is the center of Javanese cultural and traditional values, what with it being the capital of the truly glorious Mataram Kingdom. The moment you arrive at the city, you will be encased in an exotic atmosphere immediately and its calm and quiet environment (despite slowly being riddled by buzzing motorcycles and cars these days) really captivates you. But it is the rich, prevalent, and preserved Javanese culture that really do the job; as the city opens itself to modernity, it does not automatically cause it to ditch its vast traditional values and cultures. The presence of new modern buildings is kept in balance with the presence of pre-existing Javanese traditional ones.

The large part of the answer to a question of what to see in yogyakarta points of interest is made up by the city’s great collection of ancient buildings and remnants from the past. Temples and ancient sites line the city as a witness to the things happened in the past and moments to come in the future—for as long as they are kept well-maintained, that is. You can visit each and every spot in Yogyakarta that bears this kind of quality. In fact, a great deal of tourism in Yogyakarta centers on this; the government puts out efforts over the years to support and sustain the temples’ continuous existence by making them tourist destinations worth visiting even for those coming from outside of Indonesia.

You can get what to see in yogyakarta map for a complete layout of these temples. There are temples that achieve fame due to their sheer proportion. The immense size of these temples leaves you in awe and wonder as the one question lingering on your mind would be about how people in the past could build something so incredible when the technology was not a developed as today. Temples that are less big are still objects of wonder; they exist as a testament to how devoted the people from the olden days were to their gods. While bigger temples are rich in relief detailing a tale and their construction should cite inspiration, the lesser ones excel in detail and ornaments. This is perhaps due to their size accommodating more focus one the tiny little bits. It does not mean the bigger ones are less detailed; it’s just that it is easy to skip smaller temples when compared to their bigger brethren and they shouldn’t be at all. So, what are the temples worth visiting in Yogyakarta? Here is a short list that compiles them:

  1. Borobudur, Pawon, Mendut: three Buddhist temples that lie just outside Yogyakarta city border. The three are at a straight line with Pawon in the middle, connecting the other two.
  2. Prambanan, the biggest Hindu temple complex in Southeast Asia
  3. Plaosan
  4. Tara
  5. Barong
  6. Sambisari, a once buried temple that underwent restoration for 21 years
  7. Ijo
  8. RatuBoko


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